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We cover the whole process from the initial idea and requirements collection, to architecture, design, implementation, testing, and deployment.


We build well-designed and relieable web applications that run on any modern browser. Angular, ASP.NET, Typescript are our best friends.


We create modern cross-platform and native mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone using Cordova, Java, Kotlin, and Swift.


We build .NET/C# systems running in Microsft Azure that can run small for a couple of € per month but are ready to scale for worldwide audience.


We help our clients with digital transformation, selection of IT techlogy and finding proper and cost effective solution for their business.

AI and Machine Learning

We are experts on the latest technology like deep neuron networks, face recognition, and chatbots. We do consulting and own research in AI its appliactions.


Certificates, PKI, cryptography, VPN, firewalls. We can make sure your systems are safe and the data are protected.


Selection of the projects that we have particularly enjoyed.

Event app Myia

Mobile, Web, Cloud

OEE & Energy Monitoring

Web, Industrial automation

Document Management

Consulting, Sharepoint

E-Mail Analytics


Time Tracking System


IT Strategy for Impact Hub


Monitoring of Shaft Production

Web, Industrial automation

Debtor and Loan System Maintenance

System Support

Smart Watch app for Alzheimer's patients

Mobile app

How we work

All team members have more than 20 years of experience with building custom software.
We reflect this experience in the way how we work.

  • Inception

    Setting the goal

    We sit together (even virtually over Skype, Hangout, etc.) with our client and clarify what they need and why. We want to make sure that we correctly understand their needs and that whatever we build will meet the client's expectations and solve their problem.

  • Elaboration

    Analysis & synthesis

    This is the most creative step. We look at the requirements, analyze possibilities, and ask more detailed questions to select the best options for our client. We want to provide them with the most effective and efficient solution. The client should be actively involved but we do the work.

  • Construction

    Design and development

    We build the software. We are open and transparent. The client can own the source code, if they wish. We can even work together with the client's team if they want to retain the know-how.

  • Transition

    Roll out, training, release.

    After careful testing we handover the whole project to the client. If they wish, we can train their staff, deploy the system on production environment, make data migration. We can provide support.

Our Team

Our team members have experiences with development for demanding clients in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, UK, USA and the Czech Republic.

Ondřej Červinka

Back-end, AI, specs & process

Filip Hurta

Back-end, DB, web

Michael Dudek

Web, mobile, UX

We are motivated to deliver excellent results. We love having satisfied custoers and users. Our work makes sense only if it makes you sucessfull and if it solves your problems.

We preffer to be a small team, but highly competent.

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